ALI, the new musical celebrating the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali.

Step into the ring and onto the stage with ALI, a powerhouse new musical celebrating the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali!

From his early days as Cassius Clay, growing up with dreams of greatness, to his transformation into Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer and humanitarian – ALI follows the pivotal moments, the triumphs, and the struggles of the man who was not only ‘The Greatest’ inside the ring, but also a fighter for justice and a beacon of hope outside of it.

Experience the story that’s as vibrant and powerful as the man himself. With an original score blending jazz, classical, hip-hop, funk, soul and rock and roll…ALI is a tribute to a man who continues to inspire millions around the world.

Don’t miss your chance to see the legend come alive on stage – Chicago, April 2025.

Deemed “The Greatest of All Time,” Muhammad Ali was born in 1942 and raised during the early years of television and the American dream. His childhood in Louisville, Kentucky, along with love and unconditional support from his mother (and later from his wife Lonnie), set the stage for him to become the greatest boxer of all time. Ali was a formidable fighter. But the toughest battles he faced were often out of the ring. The most celebrated champion of his generation was also an outspoken advocate for social justice and equality. His combination of courage, swagger, compassion, wit, and charisma galvanized people during The American Civil Rights Movement. His vision for a world without hate has inspired generations of activists who continue to fight for social change today.



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